Past Webinars

Gut Brain and its relationship with weight and mood

Fueling your Body

Sugars, The Sweet Truth!

Take the ‘Meh’ Out of Meal Planning

Diets That Work.

10 Healthy Habits for Wellness & Weight Management

Skip the Resolutions and Make Real, Lasting Change

Healthify Your Holidays

Cancer Prevention is in Your Hands

Supplements and Weight Loss

Diets and Caloric Intake

Vitamins and Minerals 101

Good Fats and Bad Fats

Protein and Performance

How to grocery shop better, healthier, and smarter

Nutrition Techniques and Plans for Endurance Events

Video on how to plan for and approach edurance events.

Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, and High Fat Diets

How do these three diets work and what are their pros and cons?

Disease Prevention

Video on how fitness and diet plays a role in disease prevention

Supplements Part 2

Caffeine, L carnitine, fish oil, and green tea for weight loss.

Supplements Part 1

Creatine, HMB, Protein and beta alanine for muscle gain.

Resistance Training and Nutrition

Achieving your weight loss and performance goals!

Food and Nutrition Plan

To Optimize Endurance and Cardio Performance to maximize results.

Which Diet is the Perfect Diet?

Find out the truth: is there such a thing as “the perfect diet”?

Nutrition Class

The Truth on Carbs Fats and Proteins