BodyTrac is different than what most perceive as “a gym”. BodyTrac is uniquely situated within the fitness market as a modest sized studio that generates grand sized results. BodyTrac has the ability to generate the excitement and energy of small group personal training in a personalized setting without the intimidating atmosphere experienced by some at larger gym facilities.

BodyTrac takes pride in being able to offer a well-thought out floor plan that maximizes the space allotted for a variety of exercise equipment. Cleanliness, lighting, and state-or-the-art fitness equipment offers a comfortable, personalized experience for all clients.

With friendly trainers providing a motivational atmosphere, our clients often comment that they are able to get their best workout without the feeling of being judged or looked negatively upon by others. BodyTrac strives to offer excellent services to a variety of ages and fitness levels -and our facilities are an indication of our desire to do just that.