Health & Fitness Reimbursement – Live Well and Receive Up to $150 a Year!

Reimbursement Requirements

  • You must be a CHP member and a member of your qualified health and fitness center for at least four consecutive months in a calendar year
  • Fitness reimbursement requests may only be filed once per calendar year and must be filed by March 31 of the following year. You must be a current member of CHP at the time CHP receives your request for reimbursement. All reimbursements will be made to the subscriber (the person who holds the CHP policy).
  • The Fitness Reimbursement Program reimburses you for payments you have made (up to a maximum of $150) during the calendar year toward health and fitness center membership for yourself or your covered dependents. The maximum fitness reimbursement for you and any covered dependents (in other words per household) is $150 per calendar year.
  • Facilities and/or programs that don’t qualify for reimbursement include country or social clubs, spas, gymnastics centers, martial arts studios, tennis facilities, sports teams or leagues, and personal trainers.

Please check with your physician before starting your exercise program.

To obtain your reimbursement just send the following items to CHP at P.O. Box 15349 Tallahassee, FL 32317-5349:

  1. A signed and dated fitness reimbursement form. Click here to get the form.
  2. All applicable receipts, credit card records, cancelled checks, and/or pay stubs that show payment to the health or fitness club.
  3. A copy of the health club agreement or contract, showing the name and address of the health club and name of contractee, including beginning and ending dates of membership or class.

You can only file one Fitness Benefit claim form for any calendar year. Thus, to be reimbursed for two or more qualifying expenses, each expense must be included on the same claim form.

Call CHP Member Services at (850) 383-3311 or TDD (for hearing impaired) (850) 383-3534.