BodyTrac® Health & Fitness is an exciting new franchise business model that delivers highly effective and personalized services to our clients. We offer the latest in exercise technology to reach the individual goals of our clients.

BodyTrac® is a proven model that focuses on providing exceptional, personalized training at an affordable price. BodyTrac® has conducted specific research and market analysis to understand the needs of our clients. We use this knowledge to provide accountability, motivation, and expertise to help our clients achieve their personal goals. BodyTrac® offers a franchisee the opportunity to change their life and the lives of others for the better! If you are looking to find success within the fitness industry, you are in the right place.

Who is the ideal BodyTrac franchisee?

BodyTrac is a wonderful opportunity for the right person. Our franchisees come from all walks of life but have one thing in common. The desire to build a successful business by helping people reach their personal fitness goals.

Core Values

At BodyTrac we have a lot of fun, but we take our promise to deliver results seriously. We provide a positive and upbeat environment for our clients. They know we support them completely and care about them as an individual. Our clients are not just a number with BodyTrac. We understand every person has individual goals, needs and concerns. We take all of those into account when we team up with our clients and put together a plan for their new healthy lifestyle.


Initial Support

BodyTrac® franchisees come from all backgrounds and experience levels, yet find success due to our tools and support systems. From the moment a franchise agreement is signed, you as a franchisee can expect to receive:

  • Assistance and guidance in securing a location
  • Layout and design of your BodyTrac studio
  • Equipment ordering and installation
  • Franchise training
  • Initial marketing plan and execution
  • Grand Opening support


Ongoing Support

BodyTrac provides ongoing support to assist you in growing and maintaining a successful fitness franchise. Support includes but is not limited to:

  • Marketing Plans and Materials
  • Client maintenance software and online scheduling
  • Regular personal visits from a BodyTrac representative
  • Annual Meetings
  • Technology updates
  • Web and Social Media design and maintenance
  • Newsletters
  • Client contract management, membership maintenance and billing


An Affordable Investment

BodyTrac® Health & Fitness has mastered the art of affordability within the fitness industry. Compared to comparable fitness franchises, we have lower start-up and ongoing costs for our franchisees. While affordability is integrated into every aspect of BodyTrac® we remain committed to ensuring that when a client walks into one of our fitness studios, it feels like a high end experience.

  • Flexibility
    BodyTrac® Health & Fitness offers two common investment options.
  • Operator Model
    You as a certified personal trainer would be responsible for the daily management of the operations as well as growing and maintaining a client base. You would also conduct some of the personal training sessions. This option allows you the opportunity to open and operate with less staff which will lower your overall operating costs.
  • Investor Model
    In this scenario you are probably not a personal trainer but an investor looking to operate a BodyTrac franchise. With this option you would hire a manager to provide the day to day management and conduct some of the personal training. Your responsibilities would be to oversee the overall operation and focus on growing the revenue and leading the team. This option allows you to keep your current job while building the business.


Fitness – It’s a Growing Industry!

Fitness is in! Discovering ways to improve health, decrease obesity, and increase accountability is the focus of both fitness professionals and consumers. The percentage of people belonging to health clubs and gyms has doubled over the past 20 years. Within the health club industry popularity continues to explode with fitness providers that offer individualized, high-quality fitness training. Consumers are trending away from big box, general admission gyms in search of more dynamic, individualized, and transformative results delivered in a small group setting. BodyTrac® Health & Fitness is thriving in this niche market.



“Who is an ideal BodyTrac Franchisee?”

A BodyTrac franchisee is a caring and supportive individual. Our culture is unique in the fitness industry as we strive to offer a results driven program with a strong focus on our clients in a safe and informative environment.

What are the Financial Requirements?

Your initial investment may vary depending on a variety of factors. Per our FDD, we estimate your initial investment to be between $49,000 and $119,900. We will discuss the specific investment breakdown with you as we progress through the mutual evaluation process.

Does BodyTrac provide financing?

No. However, BodyTrac has access to several resources that may be available to assist with financing some of the costs associated with opening up your own location.

How much is the Franchise Fee?

The franchise fee for a BodyTrac location is $19,900.

How much is the Royalty?

Royalty fees are 6% of your location’s monthly revenue.

Is there a Marketing Fund?

Yes. The Marketing Fund is 1% of your location’s monthly revenue.

Do I receive an exclusive territory?


What is the typical size of a BodyTrac fitness studio?

The typical size of a BodyTrac studio is 1200-2000 square foot.

Where are the best locations for a BodyTrac?

For a BodyTrac franchise location, commercial plazas and shopping centers close to a large number of homes and apartments are ideal.

Where do I buy the gym equipment and fixtures for the fitness studio?

BodyTrac has partnerships with major fitness vendors.  During the set up process, you will have direct contact with the BodyTrac Health & Fitness service representative for each vendor.

What type of equipment will I be using?

A BodyTrac studio starts with a predetermined set of various cardio and weight training equipment. We will share more about this equipment and our systems and layout as we progress in our discussions.

How long does it take to open after I have signed the franchise agreement?

It typically takes 2-3 months to open after you have secured a location for your fitness studio. This will vary depending on permitting and how much construction is needed.

How many employees do I need to hire?

Each BodyTrac franchise location has 1 Full time Manager/Trainer and 1-2 Part-time trainer(s). The number of employees you need will vary depending on your role in the business.

Do I have to follow a certain system?

Yes. BodyTrac has developed a proven and specific personal training protocol.  BodyTrac mandated procedures aim to deliver quality results and maximize the potential of success.

Can I open more than one location?

If you have a solid business plan and the financial resources available, we can discuss your ownership of multiple locations.

Will you help me find a site for a successful BodyTrac Fitness Studio?

Yes. We will assist you in site selection, LOI negotiation, and lease negotiation.

How do I sell memberships, track members, track prospects, and provide POS?

BodyTrac has a proven marketing program for you to follow, as well as, an integrated software program to manage your membership.


What is franchising?

Franchising is a method of distributing products and services. The franchisor lends his trademark, trade name, and proved business system, and support to the franchisee that pays an initial fee and an ongoing royalty for the right to do business under the franchisor’s name and system. The franchisee benefit from the long established good will, brand recognition, support, and has a proven business model to follow. The U.S. Department of Commerce states, “Franchising has achieved a phenomenal growth rate over the past several years and continues to offer tremendous opportunities to individuals and companies seeking wider distribution for their products and services”.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

BodyTrac® Health & Fitness makes it easy for you to discover if our fitness franchise is the right opportunity for you. Steps towards achieving the freedom and flexibility that comes from starting your own franchise with BodyTrac:

  1. Complete our Request for Information
  2. Initial conversations with BodyTrac representative
  3. Complete the confidential Request for Consideration
  4. Receive and review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  5. Meet with BodyTrac representative in your market area
  6. Complete Business Plan & Proforma
  7. Attend our Discovery Day in Tallahassee, FL
  8. Sign Franchise Agreement!